Homemade dog treats



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“A big  – thank- you  from : Wilson , Forrest and Bacardi . They have been getting the Vermont Animal Cookies  ” WOOF HEART ”  for six years .
They love the aroma , texture and flavor . It makes us feel good about giving our dogs a  quality  treat they love.”

~ Phil and Michelle  in  New York

“My two dogs, Sophie & Zeus just LOVE Vermont Animal Cookies. They have been getting them for over four years.
Just mention ….Peanut Butter Cookie and the show starts !The ingredients are safe, you never worry about them getting something  unsafe.”

~ Jack in Maine

“Ross, Baci and I are sending you a thank-you “fan” letter re your Peanut Butter and Honey heart-shaped (with the word “woof” stamped on them–so cute!) cookies. Last September my husband and I travelled with Baci to Stowe, Vt. from here in Florida.  We discovered your doggie cookies in a general store and bought one for Baci.  Well, he demolished it in no time flat, and every time we passed that particular store he wouldn’t let us pass it by.  When we figured out what he wanted, we realized we had to visit you in Woodstock to buy a huge stash of the cookies to take back to Florida! Thanks so much for loving dogs so much and making their lives a little healthier!!”

~ Jeannie, Ross and Baci in Florida